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How Insignia Manufacturing can help with product packaging

31 July 2023

Perfect product packaging is a key part to any transaction. It keeps the products inside the boxes intact, and represents your business to your clients. Here is why you should come to Insignia Manufacturing to resolve your packaging needs.

Bespoke specifications catered for

Sometimes, the standard packaging is just not enough. For example, if you have an abnormally shaped product you are sending out for delivery, you will want to ensure it is packaged securely. The same applies for fragile goods that need extra support when they are out for deliveries. From a branding point of view, in this digitalised world, a piece of packaging will probably be the first physical encounter a consumer will have with your business. Getting the packaging as well as the branding on the packaging right is a relatively straightforward marketing technique for you, by presenting your business in the exact tone of voice you desire. Insignia Manufacturing pack more than four million complete packages each year.

All under one roof

If you require some extras to be delivered in the same packaging – potentially an instruction leaflet, or some screws or brackets – Insignia Manufacturing can ensure that happens. We work with third party manufactures to source and supply all of the extra components that make up your packages which means that the whole packing process can be completed in our warehouse. Having it all happen in one place allows the process to be quick and simple and any issues that need resolving can be done so quickly and efficiently. On top of that, as plastic product manufacturers, we produce corner protectors which are used to, believe it or not, protect the corners of products during the shipping process. As the part of your product that is most prone to damage during a delivery, we have used our expertise to create corner protectors designed to withstand even the most treacherous of journeys. 

Why packaging is important?

Having a good, reliable packing company is extremely important. Firstly, safely-packaged products will arrive in the desired condition to your customers without a hitch, which is what everybody wants. Preventing damage is most likely going to be the number one factor that clients are going to be after. Of course, they want their product to arrive in one piece and you want them to keep coming back to you for business, so secure packaging is a must.

Secondly, having touched on the marketing aspect previously, the appearance of your packaging is important too. Aesthetically, you have to get the branding right, getting all the relevant information onto the packaging. On top of that, making sure the box that your customer receives is neat and tidy is also something you should strive for. It appears as professional, and shows your client that you take pride in the products you are sending out. Insignia Manufacturing take great pride in handling your packaging, making it our priority to leave you and your customers satisfied with what they receive.

At Insignia, we work efficiently regardless of the size of the order, providing the ideal solution to your problem. Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can support your packaging needs, by filling out our enquiry form below. You can also contact us directly at 01536204923 via telephone or via email at

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