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Kitchen Legs for a perfect dining experience

09 August 2023

A dining table has an important place in any home. It is the place where the family reconvene at the end of the day, or where friends put the world to rights. Solid, stable supports for tables are vital in the home, in an office environment or in other buildings. Insignia Manufacturing produce strong Breakfast Bar and Table Legs, as well as the parts required for a smooth and simple connection to the countertop.

Breakfast bar legs

A breakfast bar is an informal space that is so much more than what the name suggests. It is a place for people to eat throughout the day, replacing the dining table in houses around the world, but they are now widely used as a space to entertain. It also adds extra counterspace for you for food preparation, while some can also have integrated storage spaces underneath. Strong supports are necessary to be keep the breakfast bar in place. Even more, being able to adjust the leg is important to be able to keep the table balanced to avoid any accidents and incidents.

The Breakfast Bar legs that are on offer from Insignia Manufacturing are adjustable and available in a variety of different finishes to allow you to find the product that fits in with the rest of your room design. The colours we have available are Gloss Black, Chrome, and Nickel, with the heights being able to be adjusted to the desired height. Of course, we can also try and find any solution that is suited to you – our teams have vast experience designing and delivering on bespoke products.

Table Legs

Table legs vary slightly from breakfast bar legs, with the overwhelming difference being the height of the leg. Breakfast bars tend to be taller with longer supporting legs, where as a table will be slightly lower. Tables can be picked up and moved about, so finding one that is resistant to any knocks it might take when moving it around. The legs that are produced by Insignia Manufacturing are available in chrome or brushed nickel, which are available at 710mm in height.

Tube Fittings

You have the table-top, you have the legs, now you need to get them connected. Using mounting plates and specialist tube grommets are a quick and easy way to secure the table legs in place. The grommets cover the rougher edges of the table leg to protect the bottom of the countertop, as well as making it easier to connect them in the first place. At Insignia Manufacturing, we have multiple sizes of tube grommets available to you, as well as offering the mounting plates for legs with 60mm diameter. We also produce adjustable levelling feet suitable for 50mm and 60mm legs, which add extra stability to the tables and breakfast bar legs.

Get in touch with Insignia Manufacturing today to discuss how we can solve your table leg dilemmas. We can also discuss bespoke solutions if you require something different to fit your specifications. Complete our simple enquiry form today, give us a call on 01536 204923, or email us at

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