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Plastic Cutlery Trays: Undervalued Part of the Kitchen

07 September 2023

Plastic Cutlery Trays: Undervalued Part of the Kitchen

Cutlery drawers are an undervalued yet integral part to a kitchen that are missed of many checklists for kitchen products. Cutlery is used daily, making it an essential element in people’s daily lives. Insignia Manufacturing have a range of drawer inserts that are designed for Blum Tandembox drawers.

Organisation and tidiness

A cutlery tray helps to keep the kitchen organised and improve the aesthetic appearance. Pulling open a drawer to find knives, forks and everything in between all mixed up in no particular order is a nightmare. A jumbled mess is never nice to look at. A cutlery tray helps to organise the utensils into neat sections that allow the user to be able to reach in safely and confidently and pull out the correct object. Using a cutlery tray in the kitchen also allows you to keep the drawer hygienic. Sometimes, after doing the washing up, the cutlery gets put away in a rush and isn’t completely dry and can make the drawer wet, causing it to suffer from structural issues as well as from damp and mould. This is unclean and also dangerous for your health, especially if it gets onto your cutlery as well. A cutlery tray manufactured by us here at Insignia Manufacturing will stop the water from dropping onto the drawer surface and causing damages.

What makes Insignia Manufacturing’s Cutlery Drawers stand out from the rest?

Insignia Manufacturing are the industry leaders for injection moulding plastics, including manufacturing the cutlery trays. But why should you choose us to produce these for you?

We have a variety of cutlery trays of different sizes for you to choose from to kit out your kitchens. The drawer inserts we manufacture range from 300mm to 1000mm with each style of tray containing varying amounts of sections. More sections mean more organisation, especially if there is a keen cook in the kitchen who owns a plethora of utensils. Having more sections also allows you to protect your hands from accidental cuts and scrapes – you will not be rummaging around in a pile of unorganised knives and other sharp edges, instead easily being able to identify the utensil you need.

Here at Insignia Manufacturing, our cutlery drawers are produced to the highest quality, as are all of the products we create. Thanks to our Injection Moulding capabilities, the drawer inserts are durable and will keep the pieces of cutlery safely inside the drawer. On top of that, we can also create bespoke solutions to solve issues that are individual to you, with our designers working in conjunction with you to ensure that we make sure the brief is met to perfection.  Explore our current cutlery trays here.

Contact Insignia Manufacturing

Small parts of a kitchen design such as Cutlery Trays are often an overlooked piece. Insignia Manufacturing’s team is on hand to support you with a range of services. Find out more information about the cutlery trays we have available and what we can do for you by calling 01536 204923, emailing, or by completing the short contact form here.

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