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What Injection Moulding is Used For?

31 January 2021

Injection moulding is a manufacturing process for producing parts in large volumes. It is most commonly used in mass-production processes for the production of plastic products where the same part is to be created thousands of times. The process allows highly complex shapes to be produced quickly from thermoplastic and thermosetting polymers.

Injection Moulding Products

The process of injection moulding is highly versatile and can produce parts for a variety of applications. These parts are most commonly used for furniture items, electronic housings, plastic bottles, machinery and within the healthcare industry.


At Insignia Manufacturing, we supply levellers suitable for a range of furniture applications including cabinet support systems, plastic and chrome table legs and levelling strips. By producing our products using plastic injection moulding processes, we can supply small or bulk quantities to help meet your company’s needs.

Office Components & Stationery Trays

Here at Insignia Manufacturing, we manufacture and supply a range of injection moulded components suitable for the office. Our pen trays are ideal for drawers up to 350mm in width while our cable outlets for various hole sizes are designed to keep the workplace tidy.

Drawer Components

We also specialise in producing and supplying products including plastic injection moulded runners and spacers for the production of drawers across the UK. Our range includes cutlery trays and waste bins.

Cabinet Fittings

Our range of cabinet fittings includes injection moulded modesty blocks, corner joints, backboard connectors and cover caps as well as steel worktop bolts. We supply fittings for small and large companies, serving businesses across the UK. Our carefully refined processes ensure our made-to-order parts are manufactured at speed while making sure all products are accurate and reliable.

Advantages of Using Injection Moulding

Injection Moulding has become a very popular manufacturing process in recent times, for many reasons, as mentioned below;

Production Speeds

A key advantage of using injection moulding is that no matter the complexity of a product, it can be produced at high speeds. The entire process is largely automated and requires minimal human interaction.

Low Costs

Due to the automated nature of injection moulding, there are minimal costs involved. This makes it ideal for producing products where low manufacturing costs are important to compete in the market.

Low Levels of Waste

Injection moulding produces low levels of waste. Specialist programmes are used to ensure the maximum use of raw materials while most plastic waste produced is commonly recyclable. This makes the manufacturing process environmentally friendly and is a good option for an organisation looking to reduce its impact on the environment.

High Strength

During the injection moulding manufacturing process, fillers can be added, which enhances the durability and strength of the products.

High Flexibility

The injection moulding process is also incredibly flexible, as different materials can be added to produce different variations of products. It is also possible to inject different materials simultaneously. Once items have set, a number of finishes can be applied to meet certain specifications.

Here at Insignia Manufacturing, we have over 24 years’ experience in the injection moulding industry and offer an end-to-end solution for a variety of projects. If you’re interested in how we can produce injection moulded products to suit your needs, please get in contact with our friendly, professional team today.

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