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Why Insignia Manufacturing is the best choice for adjustable table legs

03 July 2023

The use of breakfast bars in kitchens has become more of the norm in recent years, and it’s no surprise with the great versatility they offer - whether they are for sitting to keep others in the kitchen company, or somewhere to eat breakfast or a quick snack.

There are several factors to think about when it comes to deciding on which breakfast bar supports will work the most efficiently for the specific application. Here at Insignia Manufacturing, we offer a multitude of options when it comes to adjustable breakfast bar legs, making it simpler to find the option which will work best for you.

Adjustable for comfort

The adjustable breakfast bar legs available from Insignia can be raised or lowered to a height better suited for the user, so they are able to sit comfortably. If you are after uniformity in the room, having the breakfast bar sitting slightly above or below the rest of the sides and surfaces in the room is not ideal. Being able to change the height of the legs will ease that concern. Our breakfast bar legs can be adjusted in the range of 867mm to 906mm, allowing you to reach the desired height easily.

Variety of finishes to match any décor

When you are going through the design phase of your renovation, the colour scheme is obviously a big area of discussion. Once you decide on that, the rest should ideally fall into place; however, we know that isn’t always the case. The breakfast bar legs manufactured here at Insignia come in a selection of finishes that can compliment a whole host of décors. This includes chrome plated, gloss black, and brushed nickel. These differing options allow the customers to envision how each will look in their kitchens and dining rooms.

Built to last long

The most important job of any table leg is being able to withstand the pressure from the surface above. The legs available at Insignia are made from steel, which can deal with the pressure being applied from above with ease. As well as this, the base of the legs provide extra stability and support. Despite the sturdiness of the legs, they are not too wide – each of the variations have a diameter of 60mm. Insignia’s designs are sleek as well as sturdy, not sacrificing one for the other.

Choose Insignia Manufacturing for adjustable breakfast bar legs

At Insignia Manufacturing, we ensure that all of the products you purchase arrive as you would want them to, regardless of the size of the order. Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can help you with your breakfast bar legs needs, or any of the other products we have available. You can contact the easy to fill out form, call us on 01536204923 or email us at

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