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Why is Product Packaging Important?

01 July 2021

Whilst product packaging’s fundamental purpose is to protect the product, its overall importance is multi-faceted. Product Packaging is essential in protecting the product, making storage easier, ensuring correct handling of goods, distribution efficiency, conveying crucial information, and promoting the brand. There are many things to consider when creating the packaging for a product, which assist in making it invaluable.

Protects the product

At the base level of product packaging, the protection and preservation of the product inside is the number one priority. Packaging plays an integral part in keeping the product safe during shipment and whilst the product sits on the shelf. If it does not fulfil its main purpose, this could lead to damaged goods, which in turn creates issues with regard to repairing or replacing the item. Nowadays, customers expect their products to function exactly as intended and reliable packaging is the best method of ensuring that. If an item is damaged due to unreliable packaging, this can result in a loss of customer satisfaction and reputation for the brand.

Informative packaging

Product packaging plays a vital role in keeping both the consumers and the contents inside safe. The packaging of the product must contain general information regarding the product, its usability and safety. In addition, it must be evident from the packaging if the product inside contains toxic substances and must be treated with care. Therefore, substantial information is always better than no information on packaging, as it adds to the product safety for the consumer.


The usability of the packaging is important as it must have the ability to package depending on individual requirements, whether that be in bulk quantities or single pre-bagged formats. Customers also demand functional, yet user-friendly packaging, which can be easily accessed, folded and sorted after use, and can be recycled or reused. As shopping online is becoming incredibly popular, customers are becoming attentive of product packaging and the damage it can cause. Many customers now evaluate the carbon footprint of the packaging before purchasing a product. Therefore, brands must consider the type of packaging they wish to create, to ensure they have sustainability in mind and showcased on the packaging. This will assist in attracting customers who are more likely to choose products that showcase ethical values.

Advertises the product

Product packaging is also an advertisement for your brand, and plays a vital role in developing brand recognition. Ensuring that the packaging is informative helps to communicate with the customers and tell them everything they need to know, both before and after purchasing the product.  In some cases, the packaging can become more recognisable than the product itself. To build a brand in this manner consistency is important across the packaging of all products.

Here at Insignia Manufacturing, we pack over four million complete packages every year and can cater to our clients’ bespoke specifications. Our specialist packing department can package products in bulk quantities or single pre-bagged formats, including labelled, coded and branded bags as well as boxes. For your packaging requirements, please get in touch with us today.

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