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Why you should choose Insignia Manufacturing for cable outlets

17 July 2023

A cable outlet, sometimes referred to as a grommet, helps to keep a desk tidy and organised, as well as keeping your wires and cables safe from fraying being constantly moved through the well-placed hole in the desk. Insignia Manufacturing produces cable outlets for different sizes for you to choose from.

Why do you need cable outlets?

If you have ever sat at a desk with wires flowing down to plug sockets under the desk, hidden from view, you know how frustrating it can be. Cables everywhere, reducing the space you have to work on or to spread out, really can be a sight for sore eyes. Having a neat way of keeping cables tightly organised can improve the look and feel of the workspaces. Building from that, having the cables neatly collected together can reduce the amount of time it takes you to go through and find the cable you need, especially when it comes to changing out the machine it is attached to.

On top of that, the cable outlets help to protect the desks, too. Sometimes, the holes cut for the cables to go through leave exposed wood that is not sanded down and smoothed. These loose bits of material can cause damage to the cables as you put them through, especially if you have a great number to push through. Plastic injection moulded cable outlets will cover these, which will stop the fraying from happening. Obviously, this is more than just an appearance benefit. Exposed wiring can create unnecessary risks to yourself and your equipment, a problem that would be avoided with the addition of cable outlets.

How to choose the right cable outlet?

There are some things to take into account when choosing which cable outlet you are going to use. It should go without saying, but getting the right size matters. The depth and diameter of the hole will vary depending on each desk, making it important to measure accurately, especially if you are ordering large quantities. The outlets produced by Insignia Manufacturing are available to fit 50mm and 60mm holes but, it is possible for us to work with you to create a bespoke injection plastic moulded solution that suits your needs.

Why choose Insignia Manufacturing?

The outlets produced by us here at Insignia Manufacturing are available in a variety of colours to fit with the colour of the desk. They are the ideal solution for keeping workspaces tidy, and for prolonging the lifespan of cables. If you are interested or are looking to get some more information, get in touch with us on or by giving us a call on 01536204923. 

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