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Why are plastic cover caps important?

02 April 2024

Why are plastic cover caps important?  


Plastic cover caps for screws, nuts, and bolts are designed to enhance the appearance of a furnishing as well as keeping the exposed fasteners safe from potential damage. They might seem minimal and insignificant, but they are extremely important, find out why with Insignia Manufacturing here.

Protection from elements to improve longevity

By covering the fasteners, it stops them from being affected by the elements that are found on a desk, in a cupboard or on a worktop. For example, water dropped from a bottle, or sticky oil and crumbs loose in a kitchen cabinet can and will all have negative effects on a metal fastener, causing it to become damaged. This weakens the structural integrity of the furnishing which can obviously cause you much bigger issues down the line. On top of the protection from spillages, plastic cover caps can offer a degree of protection from more physical problems that can be caused at any point on a daily basis. Dropping a tool on top of an uncovered screw could bend it out of shape, causing it to stick out dangerously, and making it difficult to remove if needs must. Cover caps from Insignia Manufacturing are made from highly durable thermoplastics that can sustain pressure from external environmental factors.

Their appearance matters too

Seeing the top of a fastener sticking out of the side of a cabinet or causing a bit of an eyesore on a desk in an office is not very appealing. Using plastic cover caps, you can hide these away from sight, while also keeping a neat appearance by matching the colour of the cap cover to that of the furnishing. Finding the right part is also important. One that does not fit securely will not only risk the fastener’s strength by leaving room for liquids to get in, but it just doesn’t look particularly appealing. It will be loose and there is the potential for the cap to come off and expose the nail or screw once again.

Insignia Manufacturing can solve both of those problems. Firstly, our cover caps are available in multiple different colours and shades giving you the ability to choose one best suited to your furnishings. We also produce different cover caps that are suitable for different types of fasteners – Bolt heads, cross and pozi head screws, and for holes with a diameter of 5mm or 10mm. We also have bespoke capabilities here at Insignia Manufacturing, which we would be happy to discuss with you.

Why you should choose Insignia Manufacturing

Insignia Manufacturing are a leading figure in the plastic injection moulding industry, producing furniture components at our Corby headquarters. We manufacture more than 10 million parts, which are packaged to each individual customer’s needs. If you want to discuss any of the cover caps or any of the other products that we offer, including bespoke solutions tailored just for you, contact us today. Give us a call on 01536 204923, drop us an email on, or fill out our handy enquiry form below!


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