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Why Insignia is the best choice for tool making

01 February 2024

Why Insignia is the best choice for tool making


Tools provide essential services and functions for a range of work, whether it is standard or niche tasks you are completing, you may need tools specialised for the job. Tools allow work to be completed safely, correctly, and effectively and it is essential to ensure you have the right tools required to complete your jobs!

Discover why Insignia Manufacturing are the best choice for tool making:


Why is tool making important?

Tool making is a highly specialised process, and is essential in the world of manufacturing.  As we are well established in the manufacturing industry, we are very familiar with what is expected and required within tool making. Tool making can be done through a range of different techniques. Whilst tool making can lead to the creation of brand-new tools, it may be required to produce replicas of a tool you already have - this may be especially important if it is for a specialist task or usage. The main reason why tool making is important, is because it helps to create, repair and even improve tools that are already being used - this allows operations to continue to run as smoothly as possible.


Our Experience

High levels of precision and detailing are needed to ensure the products we create are fit for the job. We have years of expertise and a team of tool making experts ready to make the tools you require. Our decades of experience have allowed us to stay competitive and ahead of the game when it comes to tool making. We have gained specialist skills in tool making, producing plastic injection moulded parts on demand. Our dedicated team of tool makers have the ability to create bespoke and tailor-made moulds based on your requests.

We have been established for over 24 years, enabling us to develop a wealth of expertise and a fantastic reputation. We work closely with you and have the capabilities to ensure your needs are met.


We have our own on-site production facilities at Insignia - this means we do not need to outsource any areas of your toolmaking project, saving on both costs and time, whilst providing peace of mind and reassurance that you are in safe hands with us at Insignia. This can also reduce lead times, allowing your project to be completed faster. From start to finish, we are here to support you throughout the process - allowing your work to be completed smoothly and efficiently in-house.

Our industry leading techniques ensure that the final result will fully meet your expectations, providing toolmaking services that will leave you satisfied.  We have an extensive range of facilities and equipment located at our Corby base. No matter the size or scope of your tool making project, we will endeavor to facilitate your needs and offer tool making services you can rely on.


As well as tool making, Insignia manufacturing are proud to offer a range of specialised services and products -discover our injection moulded products today.  Find out more information about what we have available and what we can do for you by calling 01536 204923, emailing, or by completing the short contact form here.

Next Steps

If you would like to contact us regarding any of our products and services, or to discuss a project; please complete the enquiry form below.


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