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What are modesty blocks used for?

04 October 2023

Modesty blocks are used for making an easy joint fixing of panels at a secure, 90-degree angle, mostly used in the installation of cabinets and worktops. You might have seen them tucked in the side of a cabinet and taken no notice of them, but they are essential to the structure. Without them, cabinets can sustain small damage that will lead to more significant issues for your cabinets over time.

Importance of using modesty blocks

When you have two panels that need to be connected at a right angle, using modesty blocks is the easiest solution. Screws are inserted into blocks to secure the joint in place, through three holes to be able to connect to each panel. As it is a knock-down fitting, there is no need for glue. They are strong and durable, to give you that peace of mind that the cabinets will remain in place. They also add extra safety in the cupboard, reducing the risk of trapping fingers between any cracks as the boards are tightly secured together. Insignia Manufacturing modesty blocks are made using HDPE thermoplastic. Thermoplastics are impact resistant and will keep their shape for longer because they do not dent or chip easily, compared with blocks made using alternative materials, and they are sustainable and can be recycled once you are finished with them.

The appearance of the cupboard will not be compromised, but instead it will be improved with the subtleness of a modesty block. Completing a kitchen build takes a while and corners can be cut in the benefit of time. This can lead to a poor finish to the job in question and a lower standard of appearance. Using modesty blocks inside the cabinet to secure the two panels also ensures a clean finish on the inside and outside of the cabinet. There will be no risk of loose splinters, no risk of the sharp ends of the screws catching on clothes or scratching fingers searching about in cupboards. Insignia Manufacturing offers modesty blocks in multiple colours to be able to provide you with a solution that will fit in with the design of the cabinets you are assembling. 

Why choose Insignia Manufacturing for modesty blocks?

The blocks on offer from Insignia Manufacturing are made from the HDPE thermoplastic as mentioned above and are available in a variety of colours for you to choose from. The modesty blocks that we supply are best suited for screw patterns of 18mm and in boxes containing 2000 blocks. Our team are ready to help find a suitable solution for you and have plenty of experience with creating bespoke products for our customers. Contact us today to find out how we can help you by calling 01536 204923, or by emailing

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