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Why you Need a Waste Bin Drawer

01 May 2024

Why you need a drawer waste bin


Handling rubbish and recycling is not an enjoyable task, but bins are a necessity for every home, office and workplace. A waste bin drawer is the perfect solution for keeping rubbish all in one place, but what are the key benefits provided by waste bin drawers? Waste bin drawers allow you to slide out a bin from a cupboard or cabinet, which can be a functional and practical solution for easily disposing of waste. In this article, we explain the major benefits of waste bin drawers, and why, here at Insignia, we think everyone needs one.

Keeping things tidy

Bins are essential in most rooms, particularly the kitchen, and a waste bin drawer is an ideal way to save space. Integrated kitchen bins provide a clever storage solution for small kitchens. Bins can often be large, unsightly, and obstructive- making a room look unappealing. However, having a pull-out bin drawer means that a bin can be hidden out of sight, enabling your room to maintain a sleek, stylish appearance, so you’d never know it was there! Pull out bins are a clever storage waste solution. Placing a bin drawer close to the dishwasher or sink makes it easy to scrape food waste from plates before they are cleaned. If chopping and preparing food, waste can easily be scraped into the bin, saving you from making a trip to the other side of the room to be disposed of.


Not only does it look more visually appealing, a drawer bin frees up floor space.  If you have limited floor space, kitchen cupboard bins are ideal. Compartmentalised bins allow you to have multiple bins at once, saving you from having numerous bins taking up space in your room. For example, one for general use, and another for recycling -- which helps you to stay organised.

Waste drawer bins can also help with odour control, as unpleasant smells will be confined, preventing the entire room from being subject to bad smells. This is also beneficial from a hygiene perspective, helping to contribute to a cleaner and more sanitary room. Possible leaks, spills and bacteria are better contained when compared to a traditional free-standing bin.

Multi- purpose

Who says a bin is just for rubbish and recycling? Bins can provide a practical storage solution for tools, stationery, equipment, kitchen utensils, or pet food --the possibilities are endless! If your bin drawer is in the kitchen, it could even be used for storing laundry, keeping things organised and in close proximity to your washing machine.

Drawer waste bins are handy for offices too. They stop communal areas from being blocked up, and from people bumping into them. They are also ideal for a busy staffroom, so people can quickly and easily dispose of their food waste and tea bags, keeping everything clean and tidy!

Bin drawers are ideal for busy households and workplaces. If you’re looking for a waste bin for your kitchen or office, why not explore Insignia’s collection of drawer waste bins? If you have any other queries, or want to discuss our plastic injection moulded products, please get in touch. You can contact us by emailing or call us on 01536 204923.

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